Soft Light Laser Treatment in Ajman


Are you someone who undergoes the process of shaving and waxing on a regular basis? How about a gentler option that is not only mild on your skin but also improves your skin’s health and appearance?

Well, Soft Light Laser treatment in Ajman at Bliss Medical Center could be the answer you’re looking for! Our experienced skin care experts are committed to assisting our patients in achieving smooth, clear, and radiant skin by utilizing cutting-edge technology and techniques.

What is Soft Light Laser Treatment?

Soft light laser treatment is a cutting-edge skin care procedure that uses a low-energy laser to stimulate collagen production, thereby resolving the appearance of a variety of skin concerns. Because the treatment is non-invasive and requires little downtime, it is a convenient and effective option for people who are always on the go. Furthermore, the results of soft light laser treatment are frequently long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, healthy skin without the need for frequent maintenance.

Procedure for Soft Light Laser Treatment

Our Soft Light Laser treatment in Ajman works in the following way:

  • Soft Light Activating light-absorbing lotion is applied to the treatment area.
  • The laser light is absorbed by the lotion, rendering the hair follicle inoperable.
  • Soft Light has undergone extensive testing for both safety and efficacy.


Soft Light treatments work with hair growth cycles to achieve long-term results. Since hair grows in cycles, additional treatments are required to address any new growth. Multiple soft Light sessions allow the laser to penetrate more hair follicles during the active growth phase, resulting in better results.

How does Soft Light Laser technique function?

At our laser hair removal clinic in Ajman, Soft Light Laser hair removal works by directing a beam of intensely concentrated light at the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigments in the follicle, causing the follicle to degrade and preventing hair growth.

How is Soft Light Laser treatment better?

Lasers are now widely used in many different medical and cosmetic procedures because they produce excellent results while posing a significantly lower risk of complications. This treatment is at the forefront of applying laser light’s therapeutic potential to a variety of cosmetic skin procedures. SoftLight at our skin clinic in Ajman is ideal for treating skin without damaging delicate tissues because it is more precise and selective than other treatment methods. It also provides new levels of comfort, convenience, and effectiveness.

Furthermore, Soft Light is suitable for people of all skin tones. This technology is the only hair removal method that targets hair follicles rather than skin pigmentation. As a result, people with extremely fair or dark skin can use SoftLight with confidence.

Is the Soft Light Laser treatment safe enough?

Yes, when performed by a dermatologist or another qualified, experienced specialist, Soft Light Laser is a safe technique. Before recommending the best types of lasers for the skin, the skin expert evaluates it first. Because some laser treatments can irritate the skin, it is imperial to conduct a thorough inspection of the skin.

Soft Light Laser Treatment in Ajman

If you’re looking for a seamless process of Soft Light Laser treatment in Ajman, Bliss Medical Center should be your ideal choice. Our skilled and knowledgeable professional administers the treatment while also answering all of your questions and concerns. A thorough skin diagnosis is performed to reduce side effects and provide the best results possible.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Soft light laser treatment is an advanced skin care technology, that uses low  light laser or low energy laser lights. These energy lights helps to raise the level of nervous activity of the body & proteins in the body (collagen). Bliss Clinic in Ajman, UAE provides light laser treatment with advanced technology and best in house Doctors available.

As you know that, Soft light laser treatment is an advanced skin care treatment for various types of skin concerns & helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin. This treatment is non invasive, requires no downtime, long -lasting result, can enjoy a healthier & beautiful skin, no need of extra session or frequent maintenance. More than this, Bliss Clinic in Ajman, provides After Care Support for Patients, who are in need.

Bliss Clinic in Ajman stands out as the best choice for soft light laser treatments. Also they offers a wide range of solutions for skin related treatments administered by team of highly skilled specialists in Skin Care. Bliss Clinic is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services with a focus on General dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dermatology, laser hair removal, and hair transplant. Our state-of-the-art facility, personalized approach make us the top choice for individuals seeking exceptional cosmetic care and exceptional results.

Soft Light hair removal is unique compared to other lasers. It uses a special technique with a particular type of laser light and a lotion that absorbs most of the laser's energy instead of the skin. This results in less pain, fewer skin reactions, and reduces the risk of changes in skin color, unlike lasers that heat up the skin's melanin. People with Very Dark skin type can take Soft light laser hair removal treatment without any further confusions.