Invisalign treatment in Ajman

Invisalign at Ajman Dental Hospital

Imagine achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of without the inconvenience of traditional braces. 

With Invisalign, a revolutionary orthodontic treatment in Ajman, you can experience the journey to a straighter, more confident smile without compromising your appearance or lifestyle.

Say goodbye to traditional metal brackets and wires and say hello to a series of nearly invisible aligners for a beautiful smile.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment in Ajman is a dental treatment that uses clear, custom-made, removable aligners to move teeth into their correct positions gradually. 

The Invisalign braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth and achieving a beautiful, well-aligned smile and can be removed whenever necessary. 

Although Invisalign braces may not be entirely invisible, these transparent coverings fit tightly over your teeth and are significantly less noticeable than the brackets and wires of traditional braces.

Dental Issues Addressed

Invisalign is a versatile orthodontic treatment in Ajman that can address various dental issues, helping you achieve a straighter and more attractive smile. It helps address:

Unveiling the Benefits of Invisalign

At Bliss Medical Center, Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment due to the following advantages:

Discreet Appearance: Invisalign braces are clear and virtually invisible, providing a discreet way to straighten teeth.

Removable:  Invisalign aligners can be easily removed, making eating, drinking, and oral care routines much more manageable.

Comfort: The aligners are comfortable to wear and don’t cause any pain or discomfort.

Correct various dental problems: Invisalign braces can be used to correct multiple dental issues, including teeth crowding, spacing, overbite, underbite, open bite, and crossbite.

Easy to care: Invisalign aligners are easy to care for and can be cleaned effectively with a soft toothbrush.

Less pain: Invisalign treatment is generally less painful and uncomfortable than traditional braces treatment.

Shorter treatment: Invisalign treatment is typically shorter than traditional braces treatment.

Invisalign Procedure

Invisalign is a popular treatment option in our Ajman dental clinic because it’s fast, easy, affordable, and can give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

  • The first step involves visiting our expert orthodontist, who is trained in providing Invisalign treatment. Our orthodontist will evaluate your teeth during this visit and determine whether Invisalign suits you.
  • If Invisalign is deemed appropriate, our experts will generate a 3-D image of your mouth and put together a treatment plan for moving your teeth into their proper place.
  • Based on the treatment plan, a series of customized plastic aligners will be created for you. These aligners will gently apply pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them into the desired places.


Depending on our orthodontist’s instructions, you’ll change to a new set of aligners about once every 1-2 weeks. Typically, you’ll need to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours daily and need to remove the aligners if you are brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, or cleaning your aligners.

Effectiveness of Invisalign Braces

The unique design of Invisalign gradually corrects any misalignment and is often cost-effective as well.

Unlike other braces that require metal bands and tight adjustments, Invisalign uses gentle, adjustable plastic materials that are concealed within your teeth and move your teeth into their desired positions. 

You wear Invisalign braces for approximately 18 months – after that, you can finally start enjoying beautiful, straight teeth!

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign


Traditional Braces



Highly Noticeable

More discreet and not easily spotted



Easily removed

Oral Hygiene

Trickier to maintain

Easily maintained 


Exert more discomfort

Less discomfort and irritation


Variable, and depends on variable cases

Generally requires less time

Your Journey to a Radiant Smile Starts Now!

Invisalign offers a modern and discreet way to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

At Bliss Medical Center – your go to derma & dental clinic in Ajman, we have a team of skilled orthodontists expert in providing Invisalign treatment in Ajman. Our experts will happily work with you to create a treatment plan that is right for you and your smile goals.

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